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November 16, 2018

How To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Old Tech

Most of the time, gadgets are small investments. They can cost hundreds of dollars but eventually, they lose value and end up collecting dust in your junk drawer. So what's the solution? There are a couple of different options but the most important thing to keep in mind is that no matter what, you shouldn't keep unused tech laying around. Old tech is always better off being used by someone else or recycled in one way or another.


If you don't care too much about the money then donating any of your old tech is a great solution. Otherwise, someone else out there will buy another new device creating more electronic waste, which is starting to become a huge issue. How do you donate your device? Think about everyone you know that you could immediately affect like close family, extended family, and good friends. If you can't think of anyone off the top of your head then just post it on any one of your social media accounts. Undoubdity there will be someone who will offer to come and take that old tech off your hands. 


Some old broken devices like iPhone 4's and 5's just really aren't worth anything anymore but they shouldn't go in the trash. The best way to recycle your device is just to google "electronic recycling", it will pull up the closest E-waste recycling centers in your area. It's as easy as that!


This is by far the best way to get some value of your leftover tech devices. By selling your device you give it a new home to someone who otherwise would have bought a brand new device, at the same time you'll also be earning some cash back from your initial investment. Electronics are spendy. Some versions of the iPad pro can retail over $1000, and even smartphones like the new XS max retails at over $1000! Luckily there is a company out there that will give you money back for your devices.

Get cash for your tech right now.

Tech cash now buys used electronics like cell phones, smart watches, tablets, cameras, MacBooks, and more. It's really easy to do. First, visit our website and select the device that you would like to sell. You can even select more than one device, there isn't a limit to what we will accept. Once you accept the quote that we have given you a shipping label will be printed out so that you can send us the devices via USPS. After we assess the item(s) you will receive a payout via Paypal or through a check. Best of all is that our prices are extremely competitive and we even buy broken devices.

If you're ready to sell your tech and get some cash back visit and start the proccess today. Contact with questions.